Monday, January 11

Free pattern: Flaps for fingerless gloves

Machine: Any 9mm chunky machine
Yarn: English DK weight
Tension: 5

Cast 15sts both beds in WY, knit zigzag row, knit a few rows circular whilst changing up to main tension.

Knit 2 rows (1 round) ravel cord. E-wrap cast on main bed then ribber bed. RC000. Knit at least 30 passes (add more here for longer flaps/hands). Dec 1st both ends, both beds, knit two passes. Repeat a further 3 times, until 9 stitches remain on each bed. Transfer all ribber stitches to main bed, K1 row T10, cast off loosely.

Sew onto gloves, add a button or snap-fastener if desired.

For the glove pattern, click here


Fingerless Gloves said...

I am not Getting your idea...this post confusing me to knitting the pattern.

steel breeze said...

These are flaps to cover your fingers, to add to an existing pair of gloves.