Monday, January 4

A series of unfortunate jumpers...

Well, I finally got Parallels Desktop and Windows XP onto the Mac, and then I purchased all three Knitware programs to put on it. I've made a couple of jumpers with it over the Christmas holiday (this was when I was still in demo mode) and I'm less than happy with them unfortunately.

Project #1 is a sleeveless black top with silver lurex - I was hoping I could wear it over the festive season. Whilst it fits just fine, I'm not at all happy with the sleeve heads, they sit rather strangely. Debating whether to unpick (my sewing up is legendarily difficult to unpick) or put it to the overlocker.

Project #2 is a purple chenille top with a scoop neck. The scoop neck came out so big there's no way the jumper will stay on me without rapidly becoming indecent. Not sure I dare unpick it, as the chenille will go bald/snap at a moment's notice - luckily I have plenty more of it.

Project #3 is a v-necked white cotton top with blue flashes. It came out OK, but it's a little on the short side - and it's definitely one I won't be able to unpick. It's mostly sewn up, I just need to weave in the ends.

#2 and #3 look rather wide and short - making a jumper to fit my bust size makes them rather loose everywhere else and presumes I have the shoulders of an American footballer (I don't).

So I'm hoping to put my own measurements into Knitware, and start making jumpers that will fit.

On the plus side, I finished knitting all the parts for Kimi last night - the pattern calls for two ties, made from 5 stitches of 1x1 rib, 65cm long. 104 rows each on the chunky knitting machine and about 20 minutes and they were done. The pattern is supposed to be put together, wrong sides together, using back stitch, so that the seams are a feature. It's an interesting design. I hope it doesn't look terrible when it's all put together.

I also ran up some new net curtains for the bedroom - the net was bought ages ago, when the Cog accidentally ripped the old ones - I suspect they had perished.

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Laritza said...

Knitware gave me fits at first because I would forget to adjust the ease and the shape. Same issues as you had. It does get a lot better with custom measurements. Last I made came out perfect!