Sunday, February 21

My new lamp!

My new lamp!
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Better late than never. This is a Daylight Company lamp, and it's fully poseable and works just great over my machine. It was a Christmas present, but I only got it a few weeks ago because of a mix-up.

Well, I'm done with the Ravelympics. Today I tried to make a pleated sample on the Passap. After a few attempts I got it going - but then I engaged the motor and the yarn snapped. In disgust, I made a mitten on the chunky, but it came out rather large so I frogged it. Finally I made the scarf/stole thing and decided enough is enough - I'm out of time and not enjoying trying to make things just for the sake of it - and I've won a few medals, so that is enough for me. I also forgot to work out how many metres I'd knitted, so I can't compete in the 5000m thing someone suggested. But kudos to the other Ravthletes - I'm proud of our team!


Monique said...

Hey there. Love your lamp! Over here (US) have a brand called Ott. Probably same company. Anywhoo, I've been eyeballing there lamps too. It would nice to have something to produce lots of light for great picture taking. Enjoy your new gadget!

Chris Hitchcock said...

Looks like it's a competitor. Seems to also exist in the US. Here's a link to the lamp on the US site.