Thursday, March 25

It's like Christmas again!

Owing to a few Ebay purchases and what-not, I've had a delivery of something every day this week! Today it was a set of Passap combs and Woolley weights, and some proper coned cotton in black and white for the overlocker from Empress Mills. I bought some black Gutermann cottons in Coventry, but they are badly spun and so kinky that I spend more time rethreading the machine than I do using it. They'll work as sewing machine cotton, I suppose.

Yesterday it was a manual for the E6000, some perfume and some mini ipod speakers. Tuesday it was some Passap books and some more knitting machine books.

The Cog's out tonight having a curry, and I'm debating whether to make the back of his jumper, or have a fiddle with the newly-acquired PPD110. I'm also tempted to try a single-bed Passap cast on, now that I have some cast on combs. Ah, decisions, decisions!

I'm working on a crash course for the ribber and a crash course in the E6000, soon to be on sale here. Watch this space!

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