Tuesday, April 6

Amaya - thwarted, but not for long

As is my wont, thought I'd make the front of Amaya first to check I was happy with the fit. No such luck - the instructions read "when the knitting is 80 rows shorter than the back". Ahem. Thwarted by the Rowan pattern writers. Botheration!

It's going quite slowly at the moment, as the top and sleeves are knitted in one piece, and the sleeve/top part needs to measure 24cm, so pretty slow going. Mostly managed to keep knots at the ends, but lost a few rows today when I had to rip back from when I'd suddenly turned mid-row. Well, I was paying more attention to Jack Sparrow than to my knitting last night I think!

I caved at the weekend, and bought some Nicky Clarke straighteners (we got a £50 voucher from Argos for buying a Dyson in January). I'm only straightening the top layer of hair. The Cog says my head looked entirely too small when I got back from the hairdressers. Mind you, I always think that of his cut, and he goes more often than I do. Apparently "a quick run over with the straighteners" means 30 minutes. Ahem. I'll only be using them once or twice a week, after a hair wash. I can't be doing with too much primping in the morning.

Been messing around with the blog wallpaper today. This is actually some knitweave I did ages ago, with a fantastic lumpy yarn I picked up from Uppinghams. All my own work!

It's the Nottingham MK show on Sunday, really looking forward to it! Chequebook at the ready...

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Dee Pettipher said...

you go girl with the straightners.......ha love it and yea love the background very eye catching