Tuesday, April 20


So I ploughed on with "Eve's rib tunic" last night - it starts off as Galena, but then you add hip shaping and more rounds for a longer length. I was really struggling to visualize what I was making - it was a kind of 3D C shape with 4 "corners" of increases. Then I got to the armholes, and then joined the neck, and it's all coming together. It's really quite addictive. I love all of the designs in "Everyday Crochet" and want to make quite a few of them - not so much the round-necked ones as they do not flatter a large bust, but they are still cute.

If it wasn't for the fact I'm unpicking a cardigan and crocheting in one go, I'd be working on it during the day too (the cardigan was quite bulky, hence its punishment). Not sure where this leaves the slipstitch jacket, which was also being made from this yarn (James C Brett Marble Chunky in pastel shades). I think it might get frogged.

The rowan top is coming along slowly. Because I'm knitting from unpicked yarn, I keep hitting knots, and having to go back to the start of the row (trying to keep the knots to the edges). Other than that it's just mindless stocking stitch.

Ordered the Tahki Stacey Charles City Crochet collection today (more Doris Chan patterns) and some Ravelry cling stickers so I can pimp out my car.


Jane said...

Hello, where did you order the City Crochet Collection from - is it available in the UK? I did google it, but couldn't find a supplier here.

steel breeze said...


I didn't even think to google it, I just went to the Tahki Stacey website and ordered it from there.