Thursday, May 13


OK, so I've checked over the bamboo top. Checked all the increases and decreases. Can't find a mistake. The sleeves match.

Then I realise that somehow, somehow, the front is 8cm longer at the bottom, but only on the right hand side. If I'd've sewn up the left hand side first, I wouldn't even have spotted a mistake. It'd be funny, if it weren't so tragic.

No idea how it could have happened, unless I've had some major variations in tension. My plan to sew a bust dart has been thrown out of the water, 'cause it'd only be on the one side. I think... I think it might be going in the bin later.

Work is v busy ATM so brain is mulch by the time I get home, and I can't find the mojo to bend my brain around anything very complicated. Managed to complete some eyes for a puppet last night, but am lost as to where I was on the main body. Crocheted a few stitches on the plarn bag. Heart not really in it at the moment!

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Laritza said...

Bamboo grows and grows and grows, is the longer one the one you knit first? The other one might eventually catch up :)