Sunday, May 9

Does bamboo burn?

Why would I ask such a question, do you think? Would it have anything to do with the fact I bought this Rowan Bamboo tape yarn, and started knitting with it in June 2009? There was the disastrous Kimi - a wrapped front cardigan that looks great on a skinny model, but at the biggest size - 850g of yarn - looked terrible on me. So, I frogged and started Amaya - a simple sleeveless top? Which, when I came to sew the side seams last night, having toiled over sewing the shoulders and sewing down the fake cable neckband, has a back that is 8cm longer than the front?

So, does bamboo burn? Because I'm very, VERY tempted to set light to the whole lot of it and dance around it. I've been working on trying to make a garment out of this yarn for nearly a year now, and I am PIG SICK of it right now!!! Not least because, I promised myself I'd finish it before I started on anything else! And the mental queue is building up. Argh!

In other news, I've made a start on some baby things for the Passap KAL, and I am loving this machine, I think this would be the last machine to go if I had to sell up. I never thought I'd say that, having started with Brothers. It's so clever, once you understand what it wants. Although, single bed work sucks mightily unless you use weights, which were sold seperately, and which I haven't figured out how to use as yet.

And, a revelation for me too, on how much I enjoy making baby things. Beginner hand-knitters are often told to make a scarf or a dishcloth - but a simple baby jumper steps you through more techniques and is really quick to run up (even quicker on a knitting machine, natch!).

Came to the conclusion last week that (a) I have far too many jumpers and cardigans, (b) although I've 128 items in the yarn stash, they're nearly all either already designated for a project, or they're yarn that has to be used with another (eg my prized collection of DB Magicolor), (c) there just isn't enough of it for a whole adult garment and (d) its's the wrong shade/ thickness. Oh, what an embarrassment of riches we knitters have!

So - in the space of a few hours yesterday I've made 1.5 jumpers and a hat. Makes me feel super-productive! :)

The current score? Passap 10, handknitting a miserable 0.

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Marissa said...

What about a shawl? Granted, it'd be a huge one, but that's something that almost always looks good.

(UnseelieSuccubus on Rav)