Monday, June 7

FO: Cinnabar

Originally uploaded by steel breeze

Started this the Thursday before we went away to Bruges, and finished it yesterday. Needs blocking.

Yarn is Sirdar Juicy (bamboo/cotton), colour is "foam", aka powder blue - on sale at Hobbycraft ATM. It's a little on the snug side, so I am hoping it will stretch a little in the blocking. Very pleased with how it turned out, and less mistakes than for Eve's rib tunic. I actually used markers and read the pattern properly. Duh.


Dee Pettipher said...

looks fab jane welldone!

Paper Doll said...

That sweater is amazing! I can't believe it only took a couple days. I have been trying to figure out knitting for weeks now, and I can't seem to get past garter stich scarves. ;) Anyway, I just came across your page, and I wanted to say great work!

-Katie (