Wednesday, June 23

Knitting badges

Found this via Jo/Woolly Wormhead - thanks guys! Gave me a chuckle! Always loved the badge aspect of Brownies/Guides, alas in the latter we had a rather unprogressive troupe that didn't really encourage guiding.

Now - we need some crochet/machine knitting/spinning ones, methinks!

Hey I only stop thinking about knitting when I'm working or asleep. I've given up preaching to the determinedly close-minded, though. They can go enjoy their expensive lifestyles, and I'll stay in with a bottle of £5 wine and some bamboo yarn and some Harmony DPNs.

Used jumbo paperclips as cable needles

Not a book, wrote a leaflet "A Crash course in machine knitting" - ribber and Passap versions to follow soon!

I can make out that my way is the right way with the best of them - until I try it, and it isn't. Aries are always convinced they're right, dontcha know?

- have knitted AND sewn up under the influence. And had to unpick it in the morning.

Knitting math? Uh yeah, I've recalculated a few handknit patterns into a CAD drawing for use on the knitleader. Sometimes takes a few attempts to get it right, though. Even with a spreadsheet.

Inordinately fond of loud, lumpy, or twinkly yarn. Have large collection gathering dust. Not the fun fur, though. Not even with a chunky-I'll-knit-anything Brother machine. The amount of shedding you get, it's like knitting with cats.

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