Tuesday, July 6


I'm about two-thirds of the way through a machine-knit charcoal grey wrap in alpaca. I think it's M64, Casual Wrap by Nina Miklin - haven't got around to putting it into Rav yet because I want to make sure I have the right number and name. The photograph, quite small, is of a similar colour wrap, which is a pity, because it's not obvious how it goes together. There are two methods of seaming the sleeves - straight, or gathered down the upper seam. Tempted to go for gathered, I think it will be a bit different.

I've also cast on Grumperina's Picovilo - I need a handknitting project that I can work on whilst in the car (as a passenger!) - I can't crochet in the car because I have to look at it, and after a while I get a bit car-sick! Yeah, didn't get very far on the ballet wrap, despite the self-patterning yarn. Very tempted to swatch it and make it on the chunky machine instead.

Had a fun (but tiring) day at this year's Godiva festival, hoping I can snaffle some pics from Christina or Linda as I forgot to take any as per usual. The CSM was a big hit with everyone, especially the kids!

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Dee Pettipher said...

hey i thourght the sock machine was FAB but then i am a big kid tho.............lol