Monday, July 26

Ebaying some MK stuff

If you are on the look-out for MK mags, or some Knitmaster handy punch sets and lace punchcards, please check out my auctions on, my username is steelbreeze23. Two boxes of books and mags, everything going for a song, and most of the sales are in aid of Cancer Research/MacMillan, some leftovers from the estate sale I did last year.

Plenty of watchers but no bids so far (but it's early days). I hope to do Mrs L's family proud. Looks like I will have a DL100 linker (similar to the Hague) for sale soon, again for Mrs L. Will have to be UK only to keep postage costs down.

1 comment:

Edley said...

Shucks, I wish I lived closer, some of the stuff looks interesting.