Wednesday, August 18

All sewn up

Went into Hobbycraft a few weeks ago (always fatal - nearly always come out with some yarn or something) and picked up this book:

There are about 20 basic patterns, from a wrap skirt, beret, trousers, shift dress, jackets. This is the book I made the shorts from - it has a basic copy of "Patternmaker" software with it. By basic, I mean you can enter your measurements into the provided macros, and it draws them up for you. You can add an offset all around (ie for the bottom hem) and you can arrange the pieces to minimise on paper usage. When you print it out, it's a cut and stick job (luckily I have an A0 plotter at work). I thought I'd have a go at the shorts, because I'm very sturdy and a bit overweight, I am the classic English pear shaped figure, so finding things to fit my bottom half (big hips, small waist) can be very tricky. Plus I want some shorts for my holiday - the only pair I have, were bought in the "low rider" craze - and they're practically indecent when I sit down. I know they're not exactly fashionable, but drawstring and elasticated waists work best for me. If I don't wear a belt with my jeans, you could probably get a coffee mug into my waistband when I'm sitting down! :)

Anyway, the shorts pictured yesterday came out pretty well. I need to get some slightly thicker fabric and make some more - I'm thinking I'll add a pocket or two this time :)

You can get various different options of this software, going rapidly up in price - I wouldn't buy the top end program for designing my own stuff, but only because I can use CAD in my spare time at work and draw things up that way (and I don't need to learn any new software).

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Cindy/KS said...

I have the same problem - a completely different size on the bottom than on the top!

TracyKM said...

I got that book, and I wasn't thrilled--couldn't tell if I could use the software on my computer and there was something else I don't remember now. I think also, back then, I was still delusional thinking I could sew from commercial patterns and have it fit. Haa Haa. I've spent this week learning about Full Bust Adjustments, empire waists, muslins, and patience. I'm on dress number 3 or 4 this week...