Monday, August 30

Two-colour slip stitch

Been trying to work out a two-colour slip stitch heart design. Worked one out a while ago but it didn't come out correctly. Finally had another go yesterday and was successful. You have to design the card on paper, and then invert the colours on every other row, and use height elongation on the knitting machine. It's also quicker if you have a colour changer.

Picture 023

Picture 024

Two-colour slip stitch (sometimes called maze or mosaic) is useful because it produces a fabric with very short floats on the reverse side. Useful for garments where fingers or toes might get caught

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Re-Illy Unique said...

ooo thank you so much for this!
Firstly your fabric is so pretty, but thank you for posting teh use of tuck stitch, now I can see it's use :)