Wednesday, September 29

Back in Blighty

No, I'm not dead. I've been sunning myself in Malta (actually, getting drenched in a thunderstorm too, on an open-top bus, which is NOT what I paid for, haha!). Got an interesting tan line and tons of photos, but thanks to modern technology all photos and films are spread liberally between the Cog's mobile, his fancy video camera and my camera. Gonna take a while to sort THAT little lot out, haha.

No craft has been done because I didn't pack any, and I can't imagine anything much worse than a lap sweaty with knitting :) Read three books and swam/sunbathed a lot. Oh, and there may have been one or two cocktails. I love charging things to a hotel room! :)

Only got in at 3am this morning and am spending today catching up with Ravelry, email, and a massive pile of laundry. Back to work tomorrow, boo hoo! :)

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Mausie1 said...

Have fun and enjoy..........Hugs Birgit