Friday, September 3

The bra's the star...

Made a funny little bikini set last night, out of red acrylic - not woven the ends in yet. It's about the right size to fit my "Flat Eric" stuffed toy, so he got christened "Flat Erica", haha! The preemie cardigan went into the refuse this morning. I don't mind making 1.5 cardigans, but after that, I give up.

Jane, I don't have DAK - I haven't saved up the cash yet, and because I have three electronic machines (SK840, KH950i and E6000) I would also need three cables to connect them, which is quite some outlay. Maybe one day! I'm almost tempted to attend the DAK course at Metropolitan next year, just to see if I'd like it, although a 5 day course is a bit much if I don't. I do have the demo downloaded somewhere, along with Fittingly Sew, and have been a lazy-bum and not tried them out yet. I'm gradually transferring myself to the mac laptop so that I can reformat my home PC which is slower than a slow thing in a vat of treacle. I've got Parallels Desktop though so can run PC stuff on the laptop. Genius!

The awful brown ribbed jumper I made for the Cog has been malingering on the floor for a few weeks, so I tried it on last night, just for a laugh. It's actually not too bad a fit on me, and the shoulder seam isn't as off as I thought it was. Pity that brown, round-necked ribbed jumpers are not really my thing. Might try and get him indoors to try it on again, it might not be the disaster I thought it was. It will still need the arms shortening, but I can snip and redo them I think.

Picked up a copy of "Sew and save" at the Bargain Books store last week. It's a war-time reprint, looks like lots of handy tips on re-purposing and altering clothing.

I'm off to the Metropolitan Machine knitter's dream week next week - 4 days of workshops and seminars - hopefully I've got a class with Susan Guagliumi. Can't wait! Have been asked by the Guild to write an article on my week for the next newsletter, and must remember to take my camera. There is free wifi at the hotel, but only in the bar areas, and there are evening activities organized, so not sure how much I'll be online next week.

In a ridiculously jolly mood 'cause the boss took us all up the pub at lunchtime, so this post comes to you fuelled by a leffe blonde. Hoho!

Have a good weekend!

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Jemajo said...

Oh, please give us a photo of Eric-a :D
Wishing you a great dream week and looking forward to reading all about it.