Friday, October 29

Long shots R us...

This is probably a very long shot, but does anyone have a spare copy of this they want to sell?

Passap model book 3, dates from about 1961. I can do paypal etc. Drop me a line if so!

I cast on "Take an old bag shopping" (from Knitwords 44) on the SK840 the other night - yes, the irony of not having finished the cofee-and-cream jumper neck isn't lost on me, but that's now TV hand knitting. Hoping that if this bag pattern works out OK, it might be a great Christmas stocking filler. So far it's been fiddly, but a fellow Raveler said they got it down to 45 minutes; I admit I didn't check out how thick Yeoman Cannelle is, but what I am using (two strands of unidentified lilac cotton) seems a little thin. May add another end if I make another one.

It's been a bit fiddly because it starts and ends with a picot hem, and there's another EON transfer before the main body, which is a tuck lace. But other than me making silly mistakes, it's gone ok so far. Not bad for a first attempt, anyway. Not sure I'll get to finish the main piece tonight, as we are off out for a nice meal and a local beer festival, courtesy of the A(le) Team at the Merchant Inn in town.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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