Saturday, October 9

New toy - LK150

Picked up this from a fellow Raveller - wanted a midgauge for a while, but the only new metal bed currently available is very expensive (and that's not including the ribber, which of course I would have to have also). Whilst I might save up for that, this will tide me over in the meantime.

It does tuck, slip, plating, fairisle and there's an intarsia carriage. Any patterning is hand-selected (fairisle is done using slip and two passes per colour).

I'm pretty sure it's an LK150, although it's got "Option 4" written on it. It was a bargain and was in excellent condition (had to replace the row counter though). It's got pink and grey rollers and looks very girly, but seems man enough to knit all the DK I've tried in it so far.

Looks like the Bro convertible is now extraneous. Have to have a think and see if I can find it a deserving new home.

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