Thursday, October 21

Odds n' ends

Despite my best intentions (of finishing some projects, as I have three that are almost done), I cast on a garment for the Cog on my new LK150 (mid-gauge machine). Regular readers will know that I have some kind of sweater curse on any item I try to make for the Cog. It always goes wrong.

This time? I ran out of yarn less than halfway up the second arm. I was not amused. I didn't think about how I was going to finish the bands (this machine is plastic and has no ribber), so I had to hastily wound some cream that I bought for dyeing purposes, and redid both arms, and added some edgings. The neck got some crochet treatment, and the ribs at the bottom were painstakingly relatched into 2x2 by hand. He's still moaning it's a bit on the short side, but it's tough I'm afraid. I have resolved that from now on, all swatches will be 100x100. 40x60 is just too small to be accurate, and I'm fed up of getting squat, wide jumpers.

Asides from all that, I've had a stinking cold this week, and have been working on writing up a Passap workshop. I've passed the snotty stage and have emerged on the sounding like Rod Stewart/Bonnie Tyler side. Woohoo. Not. Hoping I can keep my voice until Saturday, I am teaching, having no voice is not an option!

Mind you, Dee has 37 UFOs. That makes me feel a little better.

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