Wednesday, November 24

Grumpy bum mode

I’ve been slogging away at the Sirdar Crofter socks. The first one is almost done and just needs grafting. The second one is about a third done. Progress has been slow, as I’ve somewhat lost my knitting mojo lately.

The red fairisle sock shrunk a bit when washed – I need to measure it and recalculate the width to make it work. I can get it on (just!) but need help getting it off again.

Chipped a molar last week and am still waiting to get it fixed. It’s not hurting, but I’m starting to worry there won’t be anything left to fix soon! Remembering to eat on one side is annoying and means breakfast muesli takes even longer than usual.

This time of the year I feel an urge to hibernate, to vegetate in front of the tv, no brain power required. I leave the house in the dark and I return in the dark. I’m fighting it, but I’m not sure I’m winning! Owing to various things going on, I’m a bit grumpy at the moment. I can’t fix anything and I can’t move forward – that kind of feeling.

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