Wednesday, December 15

Knitting on...

Yes, I am still here, despite not having posted in almost two weeks! We (the Coventry Knit Wit we, but actually Christina!) finished off the xmas banner and dropped it off at the hotel. It wasn't up last Wednesday when we had our xmas meal, so I'm hoping it'll be up tonight but I've a feeling I've left my camera at home anyway. Because I am a dipstick.

There is also some knitting going on, but for various reasons it's not been photographed or written up. I used up my last two days holiday in Birmingham with the Cog - we visited the German markets on Monday and enjoyed the gluhwein. I decided to avoid the sausages though as they disagreed with me quite violently last time! He finished up the rest of his xmas shop, I bought myself a nice wrap cardi from M&S, and we went and saw the Monty Python musical "Spamalot" at the Alex. Tuesday we had planned to visit the Black Country Museum, but we were unsure if it was open or not (leaflet said no, website said yes). As it happened, Tuesday was a wet miserable day anyway, so we skipped breakfast and got on the road. Must say, Sainsbury's cafe do an excellent breakfast for half the price too!

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