Thursday, February 10

The principles of ribbing

Japanese machines

  1. Set carriage to tension 0 and set to knit both ways, knit 1 row
  2. Hang ribber comb and weights
  3. Set carriage to circular or to knit one way, and set the ribber to knit the other
  4. Knit 3 rows (increase tension by 1)
  5. Set both carriages to knit and tension to ribber tension (usually main tension -2).
  6. Set row counter to zero and knit your rib.

Extra steps - if you are knitting 2x2 rib.

Step 0 - arrange needles as required and then rack 1.5 positions so that needles fall RMRMRM - you cannot cast on when needles are RRMMRRMM. You may need to add a needle at one end to make this work.

Step 4a - rack machine back to original position, transfer any extra stitches onto required stitches.

Passap machine
  1. Knit 1 row N/N ss 1/1
  2. Knit 2 rows CX/CX ss 2/2
  3. Knit 1 row N/N ss 3/3

If you are knitting 2x2 rib, the racking principle above still applies.

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