Tuesday, March 29

FO: Duffer felted slippers


These are really quick and easy to make - "Duffers". If I made them again, I'd do a provisional cast on so that I could graft the seam that runs under the foot. I'd also be tempted to rethink the shaping - I think the decreases were supposed to be paired to make them look neater, but I couldn't make them match.

I'm also tempted to convert them to machine knitting, and put the increases/decreases at the end somehow. Might be too complicated though.

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sharonwue said...

I know what you mean. I designed a similar felted slipper knitted from the top edge down, circular, and ending with the row that is the center bottom of the slipper- If you knit the last row with a needle a couple sizes larger than you used in the body, you can close the bottom by latching the stitches into one another, alternating a stitch from one side with a stitch from the other. Then the last row looks like one more garter ridge, and has the same elasticity as the rest of the slipper.
Everything I though about re: machine knitting this slipper made more work, not less. http://sharonwue.blogspot.com/2011/03/felting-in-dryer-and-little-zippers.html