Friday, April 15


You'd think, that because I have the four pieces of a saddle-shoulder jumper hanging around, I'd be sitting down and sewing them up. You'd think, huh? But no - I'm plotting a sideways-knitted skirt in a wool/mohair mix, and I started a Nina Miklin jacket in a hot pink kid mohair. I despair, I really do! I almost melted my brain trying to remember how to do long division and multiplication last night because I was too lazy to get up and fetch a calculator.

I am determined to make at least one machine-knitted skirt this year, and hopefully one with pleats. Went to the Long Buckby meeting on Monday for a talk on just that very thing.

On the handknitting front, I donated my felted slippers to a friend because they were too small for me. I just need to put some rubber paint on the bottom for her. I finished the doll's hat and am now onto the petticoat, which is in a lovely lace pattern so far. Then collar, bloomers, booties and we're done. Once the petticoat is done, all the "big" bits of knitting are done. I've some daisies and lace to sew onto the dress too. I need to dig out some small buttons too, or get some.

Current mood: hungry

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