Sunday, May 1

...and I'm aching

which is a line from a song.

Yes, I'm still alive, despite appearances. The 'flu turned out to be gastro enteritis, so I'm only now getting back to normal. Somebody somewhere didn't wash their hands, and I'm sure it wasn't me - I'm guessing it was the restaurant I went to with work on Wednesday, but I guess I'll never know. I booked the week off work - 3 days booked = 11 days holiday = bargain. It being a holiday, and sunny, beer had been planned. Beer + stomach bug = very bad.

We still managed to make a trip to York, which is lovely - spent two nights and rather a lot of money visiting various attractions. Enjoying oneself whilst trying to pick low fat, low sugar, non alcoholic food is really quite tricky when you're not cooking for yourself. Managed to leave my boots in the hotel so got to get them posted back to me.

Friday I planned to watch the royal wedding - just the ceremony really - and then potter about, and then go to the pub later. The neighbours invited us to join their street party and I ended up sitting out in a stiff breeze, getting a cricked neck, and getting rather drunk. There was a bouncy castle and inevitably I ended up trying it out - there's probably a very funny video already on Facebook somewhere. Managed to bang my nose on the tarmac as I came back off it - it didn't really have enough oomph for an adult - but luckily it doesn't seem like it's going to bruise.

We've been having a very nice spell of dry/sunny/warm weather - with the odd exception being Tuesday when we drove up to York and the day of the wedding. - so I've not felt inclined to sit indoors slaving over a hot knitting machine. Typical Brits, we are never happy - when it's miserable, we long for sun, and when it's sunny, we feel we have to be outdoors which means not doing the jobs we planned to do indoors. I'm a bit tired, lethargic, and anxious at the moment - disrupted sleep and stomach seems to do this to me - so not much knitting has occurred. I have, however, finished the doll's outfit, apart from the bootees, and then I need to find the lace and the daisies I bought and dig out some buttons.

However, I did manage to start a sideways knitted skirt. But only one panel so far - it's a lot of knitting! It's loosely based on a Mary Weaver pattern from her skirt book, but I am using an unknown mohair instead and am recalculating it to fit me.

Well, better go - I promised to help the other half chop down the willow/weed in our garden that is 20ft high and needs to go!

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Heather x said...

LOL Jane, I've had my Duo outside for 2 weeks now....sunshine and knitting = bliss :)

*hugs* Heather x (UK)