Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free pattern: easy v-neck baby cardigan in DK yarn

This was knitted on the midgauge (6.5mm) machine using approx. 100g DK acrylic (approx. 300m per 100g ball).

This is the finished object - sorry for the poor quality of the pic, I was having problems with the camera.

Tension: 21s x 27.5 rows @ T4 = 10cm

Size: to fit 11kg baby


Cast on 64 sts in 1x1 rib using MT-2, and knit 14 rows. Transfer all sts to main bed, set RC000, MT, and knit to R38. Mark both ends of row (armhole) and continue to knit to R70. Scrap off on waste yarn.


Cast on 32 sts in 1x1 rib, using MT-2, and knit 14 rows. Transfer all sts to main bed, set RC000, MT, and knit to R36. Dec 1 st on neck edge, K 2 rows, mark R38 (armhole). On neck edge, dec 1 st and knit 2 rows, then dec 1 st every 3 rows 10 times (19 sts remain). Knit straight until R70. Scrap off on waste yarn

Knit another front, reversing the shapings.

Sleeve (make 2)

Cast on 36 sts and knit 1x1 rib, using MT-2 for 10 rows. Transfer all sts to main bed, set RC000, MT. Inc 1 st on 5th and every following 5th row until RC25, then inc 1st every 6th row 2 times (RC37, 50sts). Knit straight until row 42, cast off loosely.

To join shoulders: With RS facing, mount a front onto the machine and remove waste yarn. With WS facing, mount the corresponding side of the back (do not remove waste yarn). Knit 1 row T10 and use the latch tool to cast off. Repeat for other side.

Hold pieces along machine bed and estimate number of stitches required for band when pieces are slightly stretched. Make one band for one front and back of neck, and the other band for the remaining front. I knitted 5 rows 1x1 rib, made some buttonholes, and then another 5 rows 1x1 rib. Transfer all stitches to main bed, knit 1 row MT and then with WS facing, mount the front/back neck onto the machine. K 1 row T10 and latch tool cast off. Repeat for other band, omitting buttonholes. Remove remaining waste yarn. Mattress stitch side seams and sleeve seams, weave in all ends, sew on buttons.


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To fit 11kg baby

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Am going to try tomorrow for grandbaby due in 5 weeks. Thank you.

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