Monday, May 9

New baby!

Yeah, don't panic, my weight gain is ALL ME and not somebody new, haha! This baby is the mechanical/electronic kind, a mid-gauge SK860. I picked it up at the Nottingham show, and yesterday was the first time I got it set up to play with. I had been thinking I might knit up the rest of the fine blue yarn on the fine gauge machine but decided what the heck, I can always swap them back again later.


First impressions are very good. The ribber attachment threw me for a while - it uses a fixed pin system to locate onto the main bed, and I was expecting screw holes. I managed to run over my own thumb trying to cast on with cotton, my own silly fault for leaving my thumb lying around on the bed really :) Now, of course, I'm wondering what other gadgets I need to go with it (intarsia, colour changer, knit radar). Actually, I think I'm probably covered on the last two, and it has to be said, after a brief flirtation with intarsia, I haven't done that much with the two carriages I already have.

The plan is to knit through a load of stash and make some charity stuff/dishcloths etc. To that end, I made two T tops (I used the standard gauge pattern here and multiplied everything by 0.75) and two dishcloths (not shown). Of course, the only problem with making more garments is that they all need sewing up! :) At least dishcloths are quick and easy.


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