Thursday, June 16

I can can-can, can you can-can?

Quick update. Handknitting mojo has gone a bit AWOL lately - stress and some health problems contributing to my rather grumpy mood at the moment. So the pompom sock has stalled in favour of a fast fix - a boa scarf in Rio Can Can. The yarn is a kind of mesh tape and you knit into the top edge of it (instead of using the whole tape). Just plain garter stitch over 7 sts makes ruffles and is very effective.

Behind the scenes, I am swatching away for a secret machine knitting project. Ok, no secret, it's for this year's Metropolitan Dream Week challenge. I'm sure I shan't win, but there's no need to give the game away 3 months in advance, so don't expect any photos for a while. :]

Also knitted the third panel of the intarsia waistcoat. It's not getting any less loud. I am going to look like Joseph of the musical, but with less style, I suspect. No change there, then! Ha!

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