Tuesday, June 7

Some things in progress...

Baby waistcoat in bamboo. Just needs some press studs sewing on.

Intarsia waistcoat for me, back and one front.

Although I've not exactly lost my knitting mojo lately, work's been very, very busy since May Day and I've hardly had time to get into the knitting room (apart from dealing with the tumble dryer - yeah, Mount Washmore never seems to go away!). When it's quiet at work I get bored and demotivated but I have more "head space" in the evenings/weekends I suppose. When it's busy, my concentration is somewhat compromised. Spent a quarter of my weekend getting my hair done - no particular reason, it just desperately needed recolouring and a good cut - and the rest of the weekend re-organising the Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest website. Next weekend I'm away on a sewing course all weekend, so not much chance of getting machine-knitting then either.

And... I'm a bit grumpy at the moment. Not sure why. Himself is grumpy too. It must be catching!

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