Thursday, July 28


Yes, the Dream Week project is dragging along, slowly. Hoping to add the last band tonight and get it into the wash this weekend. Had to take the arms off - despite the garment length itself coming out just fine, the arms are about 10cm too long. Decided, just for once, to override my denial - "it'll shrink in the wash" - and actually fix it now, instead of being pig-headed and making myself more work because of it. I know I'd rather have three-quarter length sleeves than monster sleeves. I've done a fancy-pants lace edging on the bottom, so the garment is currently... yes, you guessed it.... Armless!!

Himself has gone to Hungary (he's already nicknamed it "goulash side") for this weekend's Grand Prix. Although he often creates chaos in his wake at home - kitchen littered with washing up, paperwork strewn everywhere there's a flat surface - he also creates yummy food for me. It's too quiet without him (and I was only awake an hour this morning before I left for work!). I may starve, also.

Missing ya already, Cog!


Phil said...

I bet you are really looking forward to the dream week again? Fingers crossed for your competition entry, i hope it goes well for you. :-)

steel breeze said...

I am indeed. The Dream Week is such fun - you can talk about holding position and orange strippers to your heart's content, and they'll all know what you are talking about. Plus the hotel is lovely too.