Sunday, July 3

Thomas - an update

Well, we had a very scary week, although to be fair, he was most sick on Monday and Tuesday. The vet called on Friday with the blood test results - Thomas has poor liver function and his blood cell counts were all off (which might be because of his liver, or because he is dehydrated). Saturday he went in for a 48 hour steroid injection, to see if his appetite would pick up. Luckily, it has - he's been licking at special pate ever since, and when we came home last night everything he'd been given (including biscuits) had disappeared. I am so relieved! He's got to go back on Monday - he was going to get x-rayed and possibly opened up otherwise - but as his appetite is now back, he'll just get a few weeks course of steroids. We did get him a syringe, but he hates people poking in his mouth, so hoping we don't have to use it. The easiest way to get food into him when he's sick is apply it to his legs, alas, which is very messy and upsetting for him. He is a fastidious cat, and very proud of his white

Doing a happy dance here. He's 11 and has a lot more life to live, I hope!

Thanks for the lovely comments, it's appreciated. These little critters break your heart sometimes, and drive you up the wall at others, but you wouldn't be without them.


Susan said...

I'm so pleased he's alright.
I bet you're spoiling him lots now, aren't you?

steel breeze said...

I'm trying to. He had a little cooked steak yesterday, and he's also had more tuna, sardines and salmon. I think he's enjoying being able to eat his usual biscuits again though.