Wednesday, August 31

Quick guide to pattern knitting with the EC1

  1. Connect EC1 to carriage and power
  2. Turn on; it should beep
  3. Inspection light ON
  4. Set card in reader and to correct row/width
  5. Select needles to be worked on
  6. Set cam to 0 (stocking stitch)
  7. Set Russel levers to II (normal)
  8. Set side levers to triangle (if you have them – the SK840 doesn’t)
  9. Disengage weaving brushes
  10. Set the point cam and end cams as required
  11. Cast on and knit a few rows, ending COR – alternatively, if knitting is already in progress, pop the top and do two free passes to memorise the cam positions
  12. Select pattern switches as required
  13. Turn inspection light OFF – EC1 should memorise first row
  14. Set cam to pattern eg F, T
  15. Continue to knit

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