Wednesday, September 21


No responses so far regarding my borrowing some kit to help diagnose my midgauge problem. Although, it's early days yet (only posted my requests yesterday). I'm beginning to think it might be a faulty carriage because I now know of at least two others with the same fault. We shall see.

Am going to be listing more MK books and things for sale on Ebid this week. If that link doesn't work, my username on there is steelbreeze23. UK only sales at the moment, I might open them up if they don't sell first time around. No offence to anyone outside the UK intended, but the hassles I had with the last batch of auctions have put me right off. In most cases, the international postage cost will be higher than the actual auction value, which is a bit of a struggle for me financially at the moment as it comes out of my own money up front. Been an expensive month one way or another, and I owe himself £300 for a short break he's booked for us in December also!

Right, well I'm off for chinese before knitting night. Hurrah for noodles!

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