Wednesday, September 14

Lost mojo and non-plussness

After such a wonderful week at Metropolitan, you'd think I was raring to go, right? Well, I was. But rewinding some yarn I bought last week took forever (and I've still two balls to do), and I've discovered that Thomas the cat has been using my SRP60N as a springboard to get to the window, and he's damaged the left Rusell lever on the ribber carriage. It knits, but makes a rather scary zipping noise. Woe is me!

Got to reunite the rest of my midgauge with its carriage at the weekend, oh joy. Doesn't sound like it can be fixed - so I have a very expensive, plain knitting machine. Not happy - if I'd known that was what I was getting, I'd've stuck with the LK150 and not bothered upgrading. I understand the sellers are keen to talk us into buying new machines, but I can't see any incentive when they don't work as expected. Silver's patterning is separate, which means if it doesn't work, your machine doesn't pattern. If they hadn't, in their wisdom, withdrawn their punchcard midgauge, that is the machine I would have gone for.

Very glum. The only saving grace lately is that I treated myself to a new (second hand) mobile. Having a bit of a game trying to transfer all the useful Palm stuff I need onto it, though. It's going to take some time before I'm fully swapped; and in the meantime the old Palm Treo is showing its displeasure by discharging itself every day, and being completely flat when I want to use it for something. It had better battery performance when it had a SIM card and connected to the network - nonplussed!

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