Tuesday, September 6

Starter's orders

Well, I'm at the Metropolitan Dream Week this week. Arrived at the hotel yesterday around 11am and almost instantly met a fellow Raveller from Holland, mmryse. She's lovely and we hit it off straight away. My room is a lovely one overlooking fields and the bed is a pseudo-four poster (it has drapes at the back). First "talk" was by Karabee Designs - she handed round lots of variegated yarns eg Wendy Happy, King Cole Zigzag and Riot (which is lovely - not seen it in the flesh before). She showed us interesting swatches in these yarns, including ones that were tuck/slip combinations - only doable on Brother and Toyota machines automatically, alas.

I voted for two garments being worn by other people, and this year voting might win you a bottle of wine - and I got a bottle of red! How cool is that? The evening meal was lovely and then we were treated to a fashion show by Anne Brown of Posh Frocks - lovely classic garments with drape. Wish mine came out like hers (and wish I was 6ft and slim, too, haha!)

Classes start in earnest today, so gotta dash, got to dry my hair and go to breakfast.

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Phil said...

The dream week sounds great - would love to go to one in the future. I've done Metropolitan's stage 1 correspondence course and now currently doing the ribber course. Hope you have a fantastic time!!!