Monday, October 31

Productive weekend

Well, I had grand plans to make one of those waterfall tops with the leftover Marble chunky, but although I calculated a pattern using Knitware (based on a round-necked jumper but with wrap-over fronts), I only knitted the back and one front before deciding I just didn't like it. Although I'd done the open edge of the front as six stitches of 1x1 rib, it still curled, and I don't think it would have hung properly. I'm not sure a chunky yarn - well, this is an aran weight - is ideal for something like this, and I think the front would probably benefit from being a 2x2 rib, which means it would need to be recalculated anyway. So it got frogged.

Instead, it became a child's v-neck cardigan (calculated in Knitware), an adult hat and a child's hat, and another charity tee jumper - and I've still got more of the stuff left! It goes a long, long way, this yarn, and is very good value for money. With both hats I substituted the hem (or lack of one) for ribbing. I never find hems sit that well (although I MUST try Erica Thomson's technique of picking up every other stitch over two rows), and the rolled brim look just makes me think of condoms - yes, I have a dirty mind, apparently.

Pictures of projects will be posted when I have actually taken some, haha.

There's probably at least enough of this yarn for another child's hat I think. I've also got almost two balls left of the lilac DK to do something with this week.

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