Monday, November 21

Back on the horse

Well, from a week or two of feeling as if I'm drifting aimlessly, to finishing three projects (almost) within one day. Actually, the parts for one of the project were all finished on Saturday, Sunday was mostly sewing up by hand.

I also made two shrugs (from the Bill King "All in One" pattern that appeared in MKM June 2011). The plan had been to make some sort of sparkly shrug - the kind of thing you wear over an evening dress - as I attended a works dinner last week and realised I really didn't have anything suitable to wear over my rather summery dress.

The first shrug was made with one end of Bramwell Artistic, and one end of a black/silver lurex thread. I think there should be another 2 rows added at the start of the pattern, because the collar looks a bit uneven to me. I discovered the perils of not using a yarn twister, when I was already half way through - I got a lovely sparkly shrug, but it's sparkly on the WRONG side. Oh well, at least it's reversible.

The second shrug was made with a leftover cone of lurex, already plied. Not the easiest thing to knit with as it's quite stiff. As the yarn was thinner, the shrug came out a little smaller.

I still have more of the black and silver lurex, I am wondering whether a little black shrug might be just the thing.

Photos when I have some.

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