Tuesday, November 29

Harrogate show


This was my haul from the Harrogate show - six skeins of Texere Olympia that looks exactly like Rowan Colourscape but was only £20 for 3 skeins - I can see knots, mind you, but it feels lovely. I also picked up their catalogue which is a real treat. I'm hoping we can talk the rest of the Manor House group into taking a trip to Texere soon - I think it would probably do some serious damage to our bank balances though.

I also picked up two of those "magic clip" hair things (two combs attached with fancy beads etc). However I don't think they're anywhere near as good as the African Butterfly one I picked up at Ally Pally last year, because I can't get them to stay in my hair - a cheap knock off I reckon. Oh well, never mind!

Harrogate was fantastic - I went around with a lady called Olga who only has the one knitting machine. Every time we thought we'd seen everything, there was another hall of things to see. There was one hall that had a "Bayeux tapestry" - except this was of the battle of Prestonpans - ranged up both sides. Marvellous amount of work.

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