Friday, November 25

The perils of electronics...

Finally established that my Passap E6000 has a damaged curly cord last night. I borrowed a continuity tester from work, and could only get a positive signal from the central pin (it's a 6 pin DIN), and then I also plugged the console directly into the lock and hey presto! It works perfectly. It's just a pity you can't set it up like that and then plug it back in - once it's set up it seems to work perfectly. Unfortunately, it also detects "unpluggedness" - those Swiss engineers thought of everything - so it probably wouldn't work (and anyway it's very tricky to hold both locks and console).

The machine is pristine now so have ruled out everything else. Luckily Yarnmonger on Ravelry reminded me that Richard Croucher can fix these things (and he's in the UK) - otherwise a new cable is $299 CAD plus postage and import duty. Ouch!

On the plus side, my KG93 garter carriage has chugged away happily for 470 odd rows and nary a dropped stitch. There are some errors on the right hand side because I put the turnaround cam a little too far in and the pattern hasn't quite reset in a few places, but it's hardly noticeable. I'm hoping I'll have time to finish it off tonight.

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