Tuesday, December 13

Lesson learned

So I went to bed rather cross on Sunday night, thinking I was going to have to frog rather a lot of fluffy, sticky yarn. Checked the measurements last night and all was well, the only mistake I'd made was to put the armhole markers too high on the back, hence it looking as if I'd gone wrong. The Cog chuckled and looked at me bemusedly - "A lot of your knitting seems to go wrong. Isn't it time you got better at this?" Cheeky git! So the fluffy cable-y jumper is all sewn up. I think I need to put a stitch into the collar to keep it down at the front, it seems to want to flip up like a funnel, that is not the look I was going for.

Started another "All in one" shrug (Bill King, MKM June I think), this time in black and silver lurex. Didn't get to finish as himself dragged me down the gym, and then it was bedtime.

The lesson learned? Sewing things up at 10pm at night is never good, and will lead you possibly to do something disastrous and unnecessary.

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