Friday, December 9

Now we're cooking...

Finally, my SK860 is fully functional (does happy dance). I mentioned before that G spotted the back rail wasn't square to the rest of the machine. It was only 2mm further back on the left hand side, but that was enough for the carriage to be unable to sense the magnets in that area - so it really was a "blind spot". Seems to me the QC department at Silver in Japan need a kick up the bum for letting that one go! Just my luck to get the Friday afternoon machine... Andeeknits has been very helpful and her hubby has been acting as courier so I haven't had to trek down the M5 again, which is good, as I'm running out of time this year for such long jaunts!

The gloves for G's dad are now done, and have been modelled by a work colleague as to their fit. Haven't got around to taking their photo yet. I'm onto the second sleeve of the fluffy jumper - I think it's highly unlikely it'll be finished by next Friday though, unless I can somehow spend all weekend knitting whilst also finishing up the xmas shopping. Lost an hour of knitting time on Wednesday because I forgot to take the pattern with me to knitting club so had to stop. Duh!

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