Friday, December 2


Well, some good news on the electronic front - it looks as if pin 5 on my passap curly cord was dodgy, so the repaired cord should be on its way home soon. I do think Passap ought to have made the cord just a bit longer so as not to cause this fault, but there you go! I also managed to pick up another cord on Ebay so now I have a spare - always worth having I think.

The fluffy jumper is continuing slowly - haven't had much time to handknit lately. The first two balls of yarn (it stripes in three colours!) are striping in one direction, and then the next two are striping the other way. Now, I'm not completely anal about self-striping yarn normally - but something as obvious as that has meant some ripping out to correct it. I don't want it to look any more amateur than it has to. Quite surprised that something mass-produced is not standardized, actually.

The other half has responded to my suggestion of a freeview box in the knitting room and there's a Freesat engineer round right now messing about with the house. The Cog wants it because he wants a HD feed to the living room. I guess this means I need to tidy up in the knitting room because he'll be back at some point to put some cables in for me. It will be nice to be able to watch tv in there; currently I either listen to CDs or Classic FM as Kerrang and Absolute radio have very poor reception for some reason.

Manor House was fun last night, and a further five people signed up for the MKKI event so there aren't many free places left. Who says machine knitting is dead?!

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