Friday, January 27

Cushions for the Olympiad

If you've not been paying attention, you might not have realised that the Wool Sack is running a drive to make cushions for all of the Olympic athletes. They need to be 40cm square - the only caveat is that they have to be made from British wool. You don't even need to stuff them - just sew up three edges. They've been having stuffing stations at the major yarn shows. I got rather excited until I realised that the wool I've bought from Uppinghams is actually from New Zealand. Texere have British wool, though.

I've had some wool donated to me - two cones each of natural white, brown and grey - and I have plans to make at least one cushion this weekend, maybe two. I need to try and get that passap top finished, too. I'm also posting half of the donation to the Manor House machine knitters, for them to produce some cushions hopefully.

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