Monday, February 27

New acquisition

This is my new-to-me Toyota knitting machine (a KS858). I put it through its paces on Sunday.



It is a 12 st punchcard machine and also has 12 buttons. Unfortunately, buttons 9-12 are a little dodgy, and like to deselect themselves. It's got a brand-new Brother sponge bar in (couldn't get a Knitmaster bar) and it was a very tight fit, so it won't be coming out again in a hurry. Am keeping the original bar though for reference - it is narrower.

Not sure how you would pattern on this machine once the ribber was in place, as the patterning lever would hit the ribber.

Been a bit slack lately in photographing finished projects, here for your delight and delectation a pair of handknitted socks in Regia Pompon:


They are a bit sloppy, but great for around the house, and very cosy.

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Milly said...

Hi i have a toyota, when you fit the ribber you also fit a different shaped lever so you can still do patterns. It should be with your ribber.