Friday, March 2


I've long wanted to make the "Draped" top from Knitwords magazine - it's knitted in two pieces, and the shoulders of the front have been rotated outwards to give a waterfall neckline at the front. I don't have easy access to the yarn used, (Knitwords being a US publication) and I'm never going to get gauge with the yarn I've chosen for it (pale blue chenille).

To get around this, I am planning on loading up my knitleader with a blank mylar, and setting it up to the correct gauge as given in the pattern, and air-knitting the sweater, whilst putting dots on the mylar. That way, I can draw up an accurate schematic that I can use with the yarn and tension I've chosen.

I'll let you know how it works out.

In other news, congratulations to Ravelry on now having more than 2 million members. Interesting that it happened on the leap day.


Liz aka Fibergeek said...

Would love to know which issue of Knitwords this top is in.

Loved this method of using the Knitleader

steel breeze said...

Knitwords 48 (spring 2009)