Wednesday, March 28

Free pattern: All-in-one baby cardi in 4ply (v neck)

This is for a 24lb baby
Machine: 4.5mm standard gauge knitting machine
Gauge: 30.5s and 42.8r to 10cm

Cast on 182 stitches in 1x1 rib usign T4, and rib for 18 rows.
Transfer all stitches to main bed, RC000, T6. Knit 56 rows.
Set for partial knitting.

First front

Put centre 92 stitches and remaining stitches furthest from carriage into hold.
Dec 1 st on neck edge.
Dec 1st every 2 rows once, then dec 1 st every 3 rows 15 times (28 sts remain)
Knit to RC106 and scrap off rem sts to WY


Pur centre 92 stitches into UWP and knit to RC106. Scrap off on waste yarn

Second front

Repeat as for first front, reversing shapings


Cast on 50 stitches and knit 12 rows in 1x1 rib at T4.
Transfer all stitches to main bed, RC000, T6.
Inc 1 st every 5 rows 5 times, then inc 1 st every 6 rows 6 times (72 stitches).
Knit to RC66, cast off loosely.

Join shoulder seams.

Bands (worked in two pieces)

Cast on 129* stitches at T4 and knit 9 rows of 1x1 rib.
With WS facing, rehang LH side for girls, RH side for boys. Knit 1 row loosely and cast off.

Repeat for other edge, working 4 buttonholes evenly on row 4.

*If this seems to be too many or too few stitches, hold work against machine and estimate correct number of needles.

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