Wednesday, March 28

Free pattern: Crochet shopping bag


Using double worsted cotton yarn and a 5.5mm hook. I used Peaches n Cream, you could use Aran weight cotton.  This pattern uses UK crochet terms, for dc US is sc, for tr US is dc.

Using foundation crochet, work a foundation row of 40 dcs (or to the desired width of bag)

Work a further 7 rows of dcs on these stitches (or to create desired base size of bag)

Next row: Ch1, work 1dc in right edge of last dc, and work dcs down left side of work. Work 40 dcs into foundation row and 8 dcs up right side of base. Work 40 dcs along top edge, join to first dc with ss. Do NOT work extra dcs in corners.

2nd round: ch 3, work 1tr into every dc, ss to first tr

3rd round: Repeat 2nd round again.

4th round: Ch 4, skip 1 tr, *1tr into next tr, ch1, skip next tr, rep from * to end, ss into first tr to join

5th round: ss to move into next ch space. Ch 4, skip 1 tr, *1tr into next tr, ch1, skip next tr, rep from * to end, ss into first tr to join

Repeat 5th round for desired length of bag. I worked 19 rounds of the 1ch, 1tr pattern

Next round: Ch3, *1tr into ch space, 1tr into tr, rep from * to end.

Next round: You may need to ss to correct position to start handle. I worked ss until approx. 15 trs short of the first side when bag is folded flat.

Ch3, work 1 tr into next 30 trs, using foundation crochet work 16 dc for handle, hooking first dc around last tr, skip 14 tr, 30 tr, 16 foundation dc as before, ss to first tr.

Next round: Work a row of tr into every stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Anonymous said...

Hi this pattern is free, so is it alright to print it off. I see no print button here. Thank you.

steel breeze said...

Yes, it's fine. Ctrl P works in most browsers, but you might try selecting the pattern text first otherwise your computer will print the whole page and that wastes paper!