Tuesday, April 17

Cheaters never prosper

Seem familiar?

1. So, you find a pattern you want to make.
2. Spend 3 hours swatching, trying to match gauge
3. Fail to get stitch gauge (row gauge can always be compensated for)
4. Use the knitleader to draft the pattern
5. Knit an item based on your own gauge
6. Reach for the chocolate when it comes out a completely different size
7. Draft a pattern using Knitware; you'll modify it to incorporate the pattern details you liked
8. Take several attempts to cast on
9. Get a bit carried away knitting the rib, and have to frog back 6 rows
10. Get distracted knitting the body and accidentally start knitting the sleeve
11. Frog it back and start again.
12. Think about opening a bottle of wine
13. Knit two left fronts by accident and have to frog one of them
14. Knit the sleeve four times before you get two that match
15. Decide it's getting too late to start sewing up, so throw the pieces into a pile in the corner
16. Finally get around to sewing up, and spot a big mistake in one of the pattern pieces, meaning it must be re-knit
17. Eventually, finish the garment
18. Decide you don't like the way it sits, so it goes to the back of the wardrobe.
19. Reach for the vodka
20. Go to 1

And YOU said it was CHEATING! :)


Surtanten said...

I just had to borrow this one to my blog

knittinbunny said...

LOL! When were you peeking over my shoulder during my attempt at the mitered cardi MKAL?! It seemed to happen just that way. :)