Thursday, April 5

A very knitty week

Well, with the exception of Monday I'm having a very knitty week.

Tuesday I had a day off and went to the Manor House club's MK workshop for the day.


Lower pic - my low tech machine is in the foreground.

I decided to go all low-tech for a change, and took my "new" Brother convertible. It's a free-for-all, play day type thing, so everyone worked on something different. I made an egg cosy (a test knit for a friend), a reversible hat for a child, and the front and back of a simple cabled jumper. Will have to get the machine out tomorrow (another day off, it's Good Friday) to knit the sleeves and finish off.

In the evening it was my monthy Passap club over in Dudley - I took a Passap swatch and coverted it into a jacket pattern. Hoping to start that tomorrow.

Wednesday night it was sock knitting at the Coventry Knit Wits. I got Mary and Wendy started on their first ever socks (I think - there were some dropping of stitches).

Tonight it's the bi-monthly MK meet at Manor House again. The talk tonight is "Hats (posh)". I have two samples to take, although I'm not sure I'd say they were posh.

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Heather x said...

Sounds like you had a productive week, Jane :)
Wish we had machine knit clubs in Chesterfield....maybe I should start one :)

*hugs* Heather x