Thursday, April 12

W(h)ips and FOs

First, the FO:

Made on the decidedly low-tech convertible machine, with hems and simple cables. Doesn't fit anyone I know, ie me, but will fit someone I'm sure. Actually, I can get into it, but it looks ridiculous.

An unlabelled acrylic I found in the garden amongst last year's estate sale yarns. Must remember, knitting from the garage yarns does nothing to the old destash total. Whoops....

Then the WIP:



This is the recalcitrant sleeve with the dropped stitches - there are more out of shot. I've got it on the machine in a vain attempt to identify the naughty needles, but I can't actually see anything wrong with the ones that seem to be dropping. Might just change them out anyway, I have a few spares.

Have knitted the remainder of the handle on the bulb bag. This was the point at which I realised I'd accidentally ordered the wrong colour - natural, not oatmeal - they are very close though so I shall leave as is. This after a dream the yarn company in question accidentally charged me £3000 - which would be a shock to my bank account 'cause it's never had THAT much money in it!! Awoke trying to figure out how much yarn I'd bought and how the heck it had become so expensive.

Going with two friends to Nottingham's Just Knitting show on Sunday, and meeting many more there. Looking forward to it, say hi if you spot me!

Planning on running an intarsia workshop and a fairisle workshop at Coventry Knit Wits. It's been a while since we ran any workshops.

Van now booked for the MKKI day. I shall be late in to work on the first day at our new offices as I shall have to drop the van back. I hope some schmuck doesn't decide to move my desk for me. Pretty sure the PC won't function in the carpark. Ha!

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Blonde said...

Your needles aren't necessarily at fault, have you checked your pushers?